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i’ve unleashed all the secrets to magical unicorn lesbian sex


my new video is uppp!  answering your q’s about marriage, stretch marks, anal sex, and all things Sex+!  

i also gave some sex posi book recommends for my tumblr peeps. xx


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If you’ve ever taken a class on sexuality, you’ve probably heard of the Kinsey Scale.  The Kinsey scale sought to understand peoples’ sexual identity using 0-6, where 0 meant totally straight and 6 meant totally gay.

I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t put my orientation on a straight line!  Here are 3 problems with using the Kinsey Scale to understand sexual identity.


You’d think that addressing the widespread domestic violence that affects homes across the US would be an issue both parties can agree on….

You’d be wrong.

A new battle over renewing the Violence Against Women Act has conservatives turning their backs on relationship violence victims, particularly those in same-sex relationships, immigrants, and Native Americans.  Notice conservatives’ demands do not disadvantage straight, white, cis-men who are also a minority group when it comes to domestic violence.  It’s clear that this dispute is over the same old sexist, homophobic, racist bullshit constantly coming from the political right.

It’s one level of evil to endorse a culture where relationship violence is not only commonplace, but constantly justified.  It is another level to turn around and leave survivors of relationship violence without anywhere to turn for help.