Can I ask you honestly why you're happy collaborating with Tyler Oakley when he's made some pretty insensitive transphobic and sexist statements?

I’ve been getting a few messages about this given the recent controversy surrounding Tyler.  I got the same type of messages with Hannah Hart and I’ll probably get the same messages with whoever else I decide to collaborate with.

I would honestly hate everybody (including myself) and have no friends if I expected everybody to meet my idea of sex positive perfection.  This expectation is a type of ideological extremism that seems to breed online but doesn’t translate well in the real world.  My philosophy is that these “witch hunts”—burning mostly good people at the stake for the occasional mess up or being imperfect— actually hurts the causes of feminism and sex positivity in a real way.  I will not participate in it and it is not my personal approach to these types of issues.  Sorry.  

I’m happy to collaborate with Tyler because he is a kind-hearted and well intentioned guy, definitely one of the more sex positive YouTubers I know.   I like him and enjoy his content in spite of the fact that he is imperfect.  And while I recognize that ignorant/insensitive statements are a problem, I can assure you he is not actually a transphobe or a sexist.  I wouldn’t be down with him if he was.