MEETUP TIME! w00t!  I’m going to be giving a guest lecture at UC Riverside this Wednesday (05/09) at 7PM in 302 HUB! It is open to the public and free! Then, for my online peeps, I will be having dinner at Jafang Pizza afterward!

The Lecture
As part of their “Best Sex Ever” sexual health event, my presentation will seek to provide you with the tools required for great sex!  The presentation will include sexual anatomy, masturbation, STI stigma & prevention, enthusiastic consent, and doorways to sexploration.

The Dinner
After a bit of yelping, Jafang Pizza seems to be the only place relatively close to the school with cheap food & drinks that is open late. Not a lot of options out there, so I hope this one will fit the bill! Just like my other meetups, come on out for some lively chatter and nomnoms!

Hope to meet some of you there! :)

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    so close, yet so far :C
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    There’s me looking awkward! I really wish I could be at your lecture Laci! :’(
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    Hey, if any of you can, you should go to the lecture! Then the meet up if you want to… meet… up… >.>’
  7. m0re-adventurous said: If I still lived in SoCal, I would definitely be attending this.
  8. periodffarts said: im so jealous i wish i could meet you!
  9. bush058 said: Hey, some of us live far away from there and will not be able to make it. I think you should video tape your lecture for us and maybe post it on your website or youtube. I know we would all apreciate it! <3 Ps. You have been a great insperation in my life and have helped me…
  10. kivulini said: So close… I won’t be able to go but have fun!
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